Wine 101 - Pairing Wine with Steak

Wine 101 - Pairing Wine with Steak

Steak is the ideal foil for a good red but is there a perfect match? You could simply say the one you most enjoy but it also depends on the cut and the way you cook it . . .

  • The rarer a steak is the more it will lessen the sensation of tannin in any accompanying wine. So if you have a young or comparatively young Cabernet Sauvignon or Quintology, for instance, a rare steak will make it taste more mellow.
  • The fattier a steak is the more robust a wine it needs. Syrah or blends featuring Syrah are perfectly suited to ribeye steaks, like our Les Filles Syrah, while a leaner fillet steak pairs better with a Merlot Blend.
  • The more charred (and therefore bitter) a steak is the more ripeness/sweetness you want in your wine. No'ble would be perfect.
  • Sauces make a difference. A rich red wine sauce will need a wine that can stand up to it a good quality red Bordeaux blend.(If you’re making the sauce yourself drink a wine of slightly better quality than you used to make the sauce)
  • With a peppercorn sauce you don’t want a wine that’s too oaky and/or high in alcohol or it may make each mouthful too spicy. Taurus 'A Celebration' should work well in this instance. With a béarnaise sauce No'ble is again is a good match.
  • If you’re serving an older red ease back on the saucing and serve the wine with its natural juices. If it’s a very old vintage you might even want to serve the steak medium-rare.
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