Wine 101 - Pairing Wine with Fish

Wine 101 - Pairing Wine with Fish

At Matariki we are big red drinkers (no surprises there!) and believe that Red Wine can (and should) be drunk with everything!  If you’re a red wine lover like us, you should feel confident pairing red wine with fish.

The secret of a successful pairing is to match the weight and texture of the wine to that of the fish. Consider salmon. A butter or olive oil poached filet will result in a very silky texture of fish while roasted salmon gives it a heartier texture that can stand up to a more assertive red wine.

Another factor in pairing red wine with fish is the sauce. Even a very delicate white fish such as cod, if served with a spicy red sauce, can stand up to a bolder wine. In general, look to Merlot Blend’s such as Taurus 'A Celebration' or Quintology to pair with more delicately cooked white fish, poached salmon, and seafood such as oysters, crab, lobster, and mussels—particularly when the seafood is served with cocktail sauce and mignonette. Grilled swordfish and tuna can take on slightly bolder wines, proportionate to the level of char, sauce, and substantial accompaniments such as roasted potatoes or grilled root vegetables, so here we’re looking at Les Filles Cabernet Sauvignon or the Reserve Merlot Cab Sauv.

And as noted above remember a sauce changes all the rules.  I can still remember the taste of the delicious Cacao Cured Fresh Crayfish with Cassis Cappucio served with Matariki 2009 Quintology Kent Baddeley served up recently, a match made in heaven! Many red wines pair wonderfully with fish, and discovering them is part of the adventure.  Let us know what seafood dishes you have served with your favourite reds.

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