Wine 101 - Pairing Wine with Chicken

Wine 101 - Pairing Wine with Chicken

When it comes to pairing wine and chicken it's a bit of a blank slate. Chicken can be paired with any number of wines. Which ones work best really depend upon how the chicken is being prepared.

Chicken lends itself to many different types of sauces and spices, which means that many different types of wines pair well depending on the sauce or spice.

But keep the sauce in mind, and be ready to break the rules. If you are making say Chicken Parmesan with a bold tomato sauce, the sauce won’t match with the delicate flavours of a white. You need a hearty red, like a Merlot. Fruity and jammy reds go great with mushroom based, spicy sauces and barbecue chicken.

So you see, there’s no reason to be chicken about pairing wine with chicken!


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