Food Series

Food Series

The Matariki Food Series developed from the pleasure we get from a food and wine pairing. We came across this from Winery-Sage and it pretty well sums up what we believe....

“The human body has few basic needs. Without oxygen, you’re a goner in just a few minutes. Severe dehydration can set in very quickly without water, so that is the next most important item. But we can live weeks without food, although it obviously isn’t a healthy or comfortable experience. Why the quick dissertation? Because wine is roughly 90% water, which means of course that it is second only to oxygen as a requirement for living and should clearly rank above food as one of the basic human necessities. Because of this, being able to pair wine with food is basically a life necessity! “

Wine and Food Pairing, The Basics

A common question we get from customers is, “what should I serve with your wine?”  Given the variety of the modern dining table, it’s an answer that is harder than ever to provide.  To find the perfect food match to compliment your wine choice, you need to look at the flavour of all of the food in the dishes of the meal and then try and make an informed decision.  We include food pairing on our tastings notes which you can download from our website to assist in the menu choice and we hope that our Food Series will also further the Matariki experience for you.

These are the 6 basic profiles to work with when thinking about matching food and wine:

1. Acidity in wine pairs well with fatty and sweet foods.
2. Fatty foods need either an acidic or high alcohol wine, otherwise the wine will taste
3. Bitter (aka Tannic) wine can be balanced with a sweet food.
4. Salty shouldn’t compete with acidity in wine. Use sparingly as necessary to keep    
     sharpness in the meal.
5. Sweet food/wine benefits from a little acidity.
6. Alcohol can be used to cut through fatty foods or balance a sweet dish.

If you have a favourite Matariki wine and food pairing drop us an email or post a comment on Facebook, we would love to hear how you are enjoying our wines.  Watch this page for some celebrity chef’s food pairings with our wines we know you will love. 


Click on a Wine Variety Below to see the wine match recipes! 






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