Wine vs Beer vs Liquor

Wine vs Beer vs Liquor

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Matariki Wines

We always knew that drinking red wine was good for you, but now there is some scientific proof! This newsletter came across the desk at Matariki recently and we just had to share. So grab yourself a coffee....scratch that, a RED WINE and have a read of this article courtesy of Mike Geary.........

Cheers, John


You've probably heard dozens of times about some of the health benefits of red wine... but today's newsletter shows you some more evidence that wine just may be a much better drink of choice compared to beer or liquor if and when you decide to have a couple drinks.

We already know that the powerful antioxidants in a good dry red wine have been shown to help normalize blood pressure, protect your heart health, reduce the risk of cancer and lots more...

But I bet you didn't know the effect of red wine on your fat cells... check THIS out:

According to a recent article in Men's Health (April 2014, pg 105), "Another study, in J. Nutrition, found that moderate wine drinkers tended to not gain any weight after 6 years, while those who drink beer or spirits more heavily did. The reasons? Red wine may interfere with the way fat accumulates in fat cells and may also reduce the size of fat cells, say researchers in Spain. Plus, the resveratrol might affect the expression of a gene that controls the formation of body fat, reports Nutrition Reviews."

Now THAT'S good news if you love a glass of red wine with dinner!

In fact, I can verify that adding 1-2 glasses of red wine with my dinners about 4-5 nights per week has had no detrimental effect in terms of weight gain on either me or my wife. And both of us really enjoy the taste of red wine with a meal, but it's also nice to mentally know you're doing the body good.

Not only that, but I've even conducted my own blood sugar testing before and after meals that either did or didn't have a glass of red wine included, and I've found that the glass of red wine with a meal has a blood sugar controlling effect, helping me to maintain lower blood sugar levels after a meal. Of course, you know from reading my articles about the role of blood sugar and glycation in aging, that keeping lower blood sugar levels helps you to age slower.

And the good news is that the benefits of red wine don't stop there... if you haven't seen this article yet, read about how red wine affects your gut health here. Gut health is a major topic these days, so it's great to see yet more benefits of red wine on that front too!

On the topic of alcohol, make sure to also read my article with 7 tips to enjoy moderate alcohol without gaining weight. Time and time again, researchers continue to show that low-moderate alcohol intake has health benefits compared to heavy drinkers AND non-drinkers...and moderate drinkers live longer than both heavy drinkers and non-drinkers.

To your health,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


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